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Posted by OnAllCylinders Staff on February 9, 2021 at 9:20 am


If changing to larger wheels or tires it may be necessary to re-gear your axle. (Picture /G2 Axle & Gear’s YouTube Channel)

One of the first and most popular upgrades made by truck and Jeep owners is bigger wheels and tires. While this may seem like an easy and obvious issue, there are some side effects that can have a dramatic effect on driveability.

Because the vehicle ring and pinion gears Perfectly matched to OE rims and tire size from the factory. Changing the tire size (larger or smaller, be careful) skew the calculations and you may not like the result.

Watch this short two-minute video of the gear gang here: G2 Axle and Gear. It will show you some of the common problems caused by shifting to larger wheels and tires and how you can fix them by shifting your truck or the rear end of the Jeep again.

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