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Posted by OnAllCylinders Staff on February 19, 2021 at 9:20 am


The Ram Project is complete and ready to hit the trails and asphalt. (Picture / Summit Race)

Summit Racing’s Project Ram pickup truck construction is coming to an end. If you watched any previous Project Ram episodes, then you saw that the Ram 1500 truck got a ton of styling, performance and utility updates.

From bumpers to wheels, from a lift kit to a crane, the Ram 1500 truck is now an extremely capable off-road vehicle and has never given up its driveability on the road.

If you have a pickup truck, Ram or something else, this series was a great series to show you some basic pickup upgrades and modifications that you can do in your garage with basic hand tools for a weekend.

Watch the final episode summary below and get details of each specific part used in the Ram 1500 pickup truck here: Project Ram page at You can check out all Project Ram episodes and many other installation videos at: Summit Racing’s YouTube page very.

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