Slapper bars, tow bars, anti-hop bars … whatever you call them, these are one of the classic “Day Two” modes for muscle car owners and racing cars. Traction bars are vital in mega-torque trucks, especially those that pull and transport a lot.

Traction rods Check the rotation of the rear wheel axle (aka axle winding) to ensure your pinion fork stays where you want it. This is important because too much axle rotation can dramatically change your drive shaft angle, chew on U joints, and cause a lot of unnecessary wheel splatter.

To understand how traction rods work, we can devote a few pargraphs to the mathematics and physics of things like driveline angles and rotational torque.

Or you can watch this great video on the diesel dynamo here: BD Diesel.

In less than a minute you’ll see exactly what traction bars do and why they are so important in high-powered, high-torque suspension setups.