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Posted by OnAllCylinders Staff on February 5, 2021 at 10:04 am


The robust and spacious DECKED truck bed cargo system makes it easy to transport and secure your equipment. (Picture / Summit Race)

Truck owners often face a dilemma: Of course, it’s nice to have a large, open truck bed to transport lots of cargo. But you don’t want gears rolling and rolling in the back there, either.

More importantly, you probably don’t want your expensive tools or equipment where they are exposed to the elements and exposed to malicious ones (AKA, thieves).

That’s why DECKED The truck bed cargo system is very useful. It allows you to securely store and organize your belongings in large, lockable drawers – away from Mother Nature and prying eyes.

Better still, these truck bed tool boxes preserve the use of your turntable bed so you can still carry large things like a 4 ‘x 8’ sheet of plywood or a sheet. Marimba.

Summit Racing MPs set up a DECKED system. Ram Project truck in last week’s episode. This week they give you a much closer look at it with an in-depth installation video. Check it out below, then get the DECKED details here: Summit Race Project Ram page.

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